Can I Pressure Wash My Swimming Pool?

What a Swimming Pool Contractor Has to Say About it.

The buildup of dirt, algae, and bacteria in a swimming pool is a common issue. Most owners hire a swimming pool contractor to deal with the problem. However, there is one more option. You can clean your swimming pool by pressure washing it. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as you use the proper solution, and appropriate water pressure. Here is a step by step guide on how to clean your pool, using a power washer.

1. Drain the Pool
Obviously, the first step of the pressure washing process is to drain the pool. Make sure you put the plugs back in, in order to catch the water as you power wash.

2. Remove All Accessories
Pressure Washing Mandeville LA Since pressure washing is a process that may damage wood boards and other pool accessories, it is advisable you remove them all. After this, water down the inside of your pool using a garden hose. Push the dirt and debris to the very bottom of the pool, and then, using a rake and a garbage bag, throw away all debris.

3. Fill the Power Washer with a Washing Solution
You should know that a reputable swimming pool contractor will always use special pool cleaning solutions, which can rarely be found in stores. This is one of the biggest advantage of hiring a professional – they always use better products.

4. Spray the Entire Pool With a Cleaning Solution
Make sure you set the power washer’s pressure to medium, hold the washer tip nozzle at a 90 degree angle from the pool’s wall, and spray cleaning solution over it. The foam will lift up the dirt.

5. Pressure Wash the Pool with Clean Water
Remove all remaining cleaning solution from the pressure washer, and fill it up with clean water. Spray the entire pool again, but this time with the pressure set to maximum. This should remove all dirt, debris, algae, or any other matter that is clung to your pool’s walls.

If you don’t have a professional pressure washer, then you better leave the job to professionals. Abita Pool Service and Pressure Washing, for instance, is a reputable swimming pool contractor, that also provides pool pressure washing. If you reside in Mandeville, LA, then all you have to do, is call (985) 267-3115.