Want to Know What Problems to Watch out For?

What Are the Most Common Problems a Swimming Pool Repair Service Deals With?

There are numerous common swimming pool problems which can be prevented with the help of some simple maintenance. Incorrect chlorine levels lead to a few swimming pool issues, from algae forming, to the burning of a swimmers’ eyes. A blocked or dirty filter is another issue which happens due to leaves and other debris not being cleared regularly. Pumps often need extra maintenance so they will work at optimal levels. Cloudy water is another problem with swimming pools, which can be prevented by finding the right balance of chemicals in order to properly treat the water.

502022415The first step to preventing numerous swimming pool problems is to learn how to properly test the hydrogen levels of the water so a routine can be set up. Purchasing a pH test kit from a pool dealer will give you quick readouts on the acidity or alkaline levels of the water, and when you get home, it should be dipped within the water just enough so it gets wet. A chart which should be included with the kit will act as a comparison, to see if a pH increaser or decreaser is called for. Similar tests can be done for the chlorine levels, and keeping a pool in a condition where it is not affected by the exterior elements will resolve most of the cloudiness and algae issues.

Another thing to keep an eye on will be the filter because water circulation is vital to keeping it from going stagnant, thus allowing bacteria to grow. This is one of the more common problems; however, it is simple to fix. The easiest method to make sure this does not occur is by checking for debris within the skimmer and ensuring the suction lines are not blocked. If they look clear but there still is not enough pressure, there may be a leak in the air line or the pump may be malfunctioning. Homeowners should troubleshoot each of these and then call a professional swimming pool repair service if a solution cannot be found.

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