A Few Swimming Pool Party Tips from a Reliable Swimming Pool Repair Service Provider

Everyone loves summer pool parties! But how to make them safe and fun? Our swimming pool repair company has prepared a few tips that can help you do it!

The first thing you should do is make sure that the pool deck is clear. You don’t want a tripping hazard that may result in somebody falling in or around the pool and getting hurt. An important thing to remember is to store your pool chemicals away from where anyone can get to them.

Call “lifeguards” who can be responsible for the well-being and safety of your guests. It is a good idea to have somebody keep an eye on the party and assume the important role of a lifeguard. Some homeowners even decide to hire a professional. I want to swim and have fun, and I will definitely hire a guard, especially if it is a big party.

Identify your “high risk” guests first and keep an eye on them. Children, for example, are commonly considered “high risk” guests. Be sure to ask all people with kids about their child’s swimming skills, and don’t be shy to ask them to keep their eyes on their young ones.

Make sure that you have the necessary safety equipment to handle an emergency. We strongly recommend a life ring with a tow rope. The length of the rope should be based on the size of your pool.

In brief, remember to:

  1. Set and enforce pool safety rules.
  2. Keep your eyes on the children.
  3. Make sure that the pool chemicals are stored away.
  4. Designate or hire a lifeguard.
  5. Get the necessary emergency equipment.

Also, be sure to have a professional swimming pool repair service provider keep your swimming pool in top condition at all times. If you are looking for a reliable company in Covington, LA you can count on, be sure to call the experts at Abitas Pool Service!